Why ?

Because your handbag is your best friend.
He is with you day and night.
He is part of your intimacy and shares your special moments.
He is our Pandora box, keeper of our secrets.
Finally, a european quality handbag with a unique and timeless design.
Stop trying to find the perfect bag. Georgette is born.
And he is… so perfect.
Your size, your colour: you will never let him get away…


What for?

Let Georgette escort you to school, to work, to business meetings, to a party, for a walk in a park, at the restaurant…
Georgette, no matter the size, will become your closest friend and will make your life easier…With his ever so practical shoulder strap.
Computer and documents will find a cosy place in the largest model, take the medium one on your day off and the smallest will become your favourite night-time partner…


Why me?

For 10 years, I have worked for established luxury brands in various departments.
I have now married my artistic knowledge and my professional experience in this wonderful project.
I chose Italy to manufacture Georgette, in a small but reputable manufacturer in Florence.
All the leather comes from France and also the metal fittings are from Italy.
Georgette is about quality and craft; a timeless design with a practical edge.